Lightning Component Error

I’ve used SKUID in the past before Lightning happened and I’m now trying to make my first Lightning page. When I’m in the App Builder trying to create my record page, I keep getting an error message when I drop the “Skuid Page” component on to the area I want.

 [There was an error rendering a Skuid Page component for page {{MY SKUID PAGE NAME}}
There was an error when rendering the Page Component: “There is no Skuid Component Type called ‘skuidpage’”]

I must be missing something in the documentation, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me. 

Hi Cakahl,

Thanks for reaching out in the community :slight_smile:
Which documentation did you follow? Have you seen this information below?

Hey Luzie,

We’re intermittently experiencing this issue as well. See screenshot attached.

To give you context, we’ve developed a CPQ solution that runs the Skuid page in a lightning component on the the Opportunity page. The solution works well, and we don’t experience the issue when the user lands on the Lightning Opportunity Page after using SF’s Global Search Bar. However, if the user clicks into the Opportunity from another related record (e.g. Account or Quote), the error consistently appears.

I also get this error message when moving the location of the Skuid Page as a Lightning Component within the Lightning App Builder.

What I’ve done: 

  1. Solution is built in sandbox and ready to deploy to production. This was caught during UAT. 
  2. I made sure to generate support Page Support Files for my in-line javascript. Issue persists.
  3. I'm not re-directing to this page at all, the user just lands on it as a Lightning Component within the Opportunity Lightning Page. So no absolute URLs being used.
  4. My Domain is enabled.
This is going to prevent us from deploying this solution, and I don't currently have any workarounds. If you could have the engineers look into this one, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!