Lead page not displaying anything!

Hi Everyone,

I am a Salesforce Consultant and have a client that uses Skuid, I do not know much about it.
I was deleting some fields from the Lead object in Salesforce for them, and noticed I had to remove the field references from the Skuid page too. Along with this I ended up removing a few “Conditions” in some Models. Now the Lead page renders like this:

I have no idea what could have caused this but any help is greatly appreciated!


Skuid stores the version history of the pages, so you can restore the original version to get your page back up and running. Then make a clone of the page and edit the clone one change at a time and preview after each change. That will allow you to determine which change caused the problem.

Perfect! How can I access the version history of the page?

Nevermind I found it! But unfortunately I restored it back to its original state and it still appears the same. Could it be that one of the fields I deleted in Salesforce has had an effect?


It sounds like page versions might be your friend. If you haven’t made too many changes on the page since then (or maybe even if you’ve made a lot, depending on how often you clicked save) you can restore your page to a previous version of itself (such as before you deleted the conditions). In the page builder for that page, click on More Page Actions and then Versions. These are all versions of your page, created whenever you clicked save. You can click on the little clock row icon to restore a previous version of your page. It sounds like you might want to do that to get back to an instance where your page showed, and then you can delete off what you need again. You can also click Add New Version to create a named save version in case anything else gets accidentally deleted, and you want an easier way to know what page version is linked with what changes. Additionally, you can only keep so many page versions going back so far, but if you add a page version from the Add new version button, it won’t ever get “pushed” off the page version list. 

If you deleted fields in salesforce that are in the model of the Skuid page, it may cause the page not to load. Look at the fields in the models on the page and see if any that you deleted are there. If so, remove those fields from the model.

That was what I did originally. I went through each model and removed the fields that I had deleted. I don’t see why a field missing from a Model would cause a page not to load?

The weird thing is I see a little preview as if the page is going to load properly and then it just doesn’t


Any javascript? A missing field in javascript could cause the page to stop loading. Check the console yet?

I believe there could be some Javascript but I am not sure. The problem is they had this all setup by another company. How can I check the javascript?

Here is a link to Skuid documentation. You will probably need to learn it to work with an org built on skuid depending on how robust the build out is and if they want to keep using Skuid. Otherwise, hire a consultant like Pat to work with the Skuid aspects of the org. You can also search for Skuid on YouTube to find some overview videos. https://docs.skuid.com/latest/en/skuid/javascript/snippets/using-snippets-intro.html

Can you share the XML for the page?

Yes here it is. So I looked at the Javascript and nothing has been changed. I have now refreshed to a previous version that was unedited and working, and I have undeleted all the fields in Salesforce, and it’s still not rendering. The weird thing is if I login as a different User it works, but I have no touched Profile or User settings at all.

row.created Open Working &nbsp

It’s cut off. Email me? Pat@mblazonry.com

Hi James, 

Did you end up changing any of the model conditions? This can certainly cause a problem. 
Ensure that all the conditions on your models are referencing fields (and or objects) on your instance that actually exists.
It may be a case that the conditions may be restricting the load as the perameters are not being met. 

Also make sure that you have a model selected for your tables and so on (I have not tested your XML so this would be obvious to anyone loading it). 

Your xml has the following condition on the my leads model: condition type=“userinfo” value="" field=“OwnerId” operator="=" enclosevalueinquotes=“true” userinfotype=“userid”/> That should restrict any results to only the owner of the lead records. As you are new to this org, I would guess that you don’t own any of the records, so no results display for you.

Hi everyone!

Thank you all so much for your replies, I really appreciate it!

Turns out I was missing a Permission Set in Salesforce that was causing the page not to load, so after reverting back to the unedited version I still had to add this Permission Set. But it seems odd as I never had the Permission Set in the first place and it was never an issue.
Oh well it’s resolved now so no worries.

Thanks again.