Issue with the Email Alert Approval Process

Hi All,

We have currently invoked Approval process in Skuid which is 2 step approval. When a user creates a record and submit it for the approval, it gets assigned to the Manager of the user and we are sending 
a email to user with the data in the email. Now problem we are facing is when user submits the record for approval, Salesforce standard Email is also getting fired with a link of the 
Approval page. Since we are using completely we don’t want users to navigate to Salesforce Standar Approval page. Is there any way we can stop sending this mail.
I know that there is option on the user Page when we can change the setting to Never and Salesforce Standard email won’t be fired but this is a manual process and changing this value could affect other business in the same org which are using Approval process.
Please let me know if there is any other way or we can create any custom functionality to overide the approval page.

I don’t know the answer to your question. Sounds like it would be a Salesforce setting if it was possible. You may want to post this question to the Salesforce community too. Alternatively, you could probably bypass the Salesforce approval process and build your own custom approval process using Skuid, workflows, and triggers.

Well that is what currently we are thinking, we have already implemented it using Skuid and triggers and calling the Salesforce approval process. If we find a way to stop these emails then we wont have to go with the Salesforce approval process…

Sorry, the email notification of your post on this community was truncated, so I didn’t see the second half of your post before I responded. This might help… Or it may not: