Issue with composer in 16.1.9

Hey , updated yesterday to 16.1.9 and a couple of weird things happened, but this one is the one causing me the most issues

On the composer page seems there’s no more horizontal scroll bar, so when having lots of tabs, I need to scroll right, and kind of very difficult at the moment to even work with this page


A solution might be using Index to navigate to the hard-to-reach tabs. Click a tab nearby and then go to Index and use keyboard arrows to get to the hidden tab.

good idea for in mean time it gets fixed, thank you!

Hi Dave, I’ve reproduced and logged the issue with our product team where horizontal scroll no longer works in the Composer. We do our best to catch issues before new versions of Skuid are released, but sometimes there are things that slip past our human and automated testers. When you have a moment, please do open new questions/issues for the other weird things you noticed. :pray:

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Hi @Dave, good news! This issue (CORE-4940) has been addressed in the most recent releases of Skuid:

  • Edinburgh Update 2 16.2.6
  • Edinburgh Update 1 16.1.10
  • Dubai Update 3 15.3.23

Install Links: Release Page
Docs: Best Practices for Upgrading

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