Is there a way to use the URL parameters in a template or page title?

I am passing a date as a URL parameter into a Skuid page, and I’d like to use it in a page title or template on my page. I have several models on the page, but one of them that I want to use it with doesn’t actually have this date as a field, so I’d like to retrieve the date from the URL parameter instead. Is there a way to do that?

You can get the raw date value, as you’ve passed it into your URL, using the {{$Param.parameterName}} syntax, and this will work in your URL. However it will not be formatted according to the current locale, as Skuid does not know that the parameter is a Date value. But if you had the actual formatted Date on another page, you could pass that in as an additional URL parameter:



Raw Date: {{$}}
Formatted Date: {{$Param.formattedDate}}