Is the Skuid API able to evaluate SOQL from text?

Here’s my use case. My client has dozens of checklists with 100’s of items on each where each item is applicable under certain conditions. ie. Age__c > 70. This is a very very simple example. Other conditions from both related parent and child record. So, when a checklist is selected to be added to Contact or Account, the queries are run to determine whether each item is applicable. I’d prefer to use server side solutions but as mentioned above the criteria is based on the record itself. As such I’d be using some very odd combination of data and metadata to create and manage the solution. That said, I’m thinking about adding an object called Item_Criteria__c with a Master-Detail to Item__c with a field to store the SOQL. Then I’d like to evaluate in either Skuid or Apex, when these SOQL queries all return a record. So if all related Item_Criteria__c records return a record, then the item is included.

You can use skuid’s wrapper around the Salesforce api and then adopt the rows into the model you want.

promise = skuid.sfdc.api.query('SELECT Id FROM Account LIMIT 5') .done(function(data){console.log(data.records)});

I was actually looking for our previous conversation but couldn’t find it. The one where we set up a model to query metadata and then potentially build a query around the metadata we queried… I remember saying you could explicitly edit the query of the model through dot notation and being wrong. Wanted to post this there.