Is it possible to pass model data to invocable method

Is it possible to pass model data to an invocable method who’s parameter is a List of the SObject type?

For example (taken from…):

public class AccountInsertAction {  @InvocableMethod(label='Insert Accounts' description='Inserts the accounts specified and returns the IDs of the new accounts.')
public static List<ID> insertAccounts(List<Account> accounts) { ... }

I’ve been able to Expose an Apex Class as a parameter but cannot seem to get concrete SObject Types to work. Each time I choose the Apex action and then type anything at all in to the parameter value property, the value is not being “saved” (when I click away and click back its gone) and from that point on, changing the Apex Action property to a different action doesn’t change the parameter list. In short, the property viewer basically dies but there is no exception, no error message, etc.

Before I capture all the steps and log the issues, first question is whether or not doing this is even supported? Outside of a few community posts, I can’t find much information on calling Invocable Methods from Skuid (if this exists, can you provide link please?).



I’ve noticed the same issue Barry mentions about the page builder. We’ve got two Invocable Methods related to Approval Processes, each with a different set of Invocable Variables. Only the variables for the first Method chosen in a picklist show up in the property window in page builder, if you chance to another available invocable method the options for variables do not change. 

Barry - you definitely can post model data into an invocable method, but I wonder what the syntax would be for your list of new accounts, possibly {{$}} ?