Inaccurate record count using template if records exceed 10

I have a table component with nested drawers that allows me to do a quick search for a Role and # of assigned users.

The assigned users is a template on the parent table (userrole)

The syntax is {{Users.totalSize}}

The issue is that the # of user count is anywhere from 0-50 but the max number displayed via the template is “10”. How do I fix this?

Looks to me like you’re using a child relationship on the model used in the table that has the drawer. If so, the child relationship has it’s Max # of Records.

Pat is correct — if you want to show more than 10 records, then you will need to increase the max number of records. Make sure if you do this, though, that you limit the number of fields that you are querying on that Child Relationship — querying for lots of Child Relationship records can make your queries return lots of data really fast! Only get the data and fields that you need.

Thanks so much Pat and Zach! We changed the properties of the child relationship on the parent model and bam! it’s now showing the accurate count.