import pages mapping - Action Remove not working

Trying to import pages into a sandbox from an export file but when trying ot update the mapping to remove the unmappable fields like Owner.Name the remove link on the page does nothing.

Tried different browsers and a different machine.

To make sure, are you talking about the Skuid record importer:

![](upload://y5qSrqFeCVmMGbAMvE6cqXu4tZI.png "Image:")

We have found a bug (throws a JavaScript error for "skuid" not being defined), and we are working it into our next patch release which will come out late this week. I think the issue is that Skuid Core isn't getting loaded, which probably makes it a pretty simple fix.

In the meantime, you can create a local copy of the Import VF page and change the part on line three to the following will get it working.

<c:scripts loadCoreResources="true" loadDesktopResources="true"/>

Looks similar but its the “Import Pages” function from the Pages tab


The “Import Pages” function from the Pages tab uses the Skuid record importer page that Rob mentioned. However, the workaround he mentioned (which I actually mentioned to him first, sorry!) won’t work because you can’t reference non-global Visualforce components from a managed package. We’ve got this patched up and ready to go in our next release, but honestly, if you are wanting to import Skuid Pages, have you looked at our Page Pack functionality? We released it last year, and it’s our recommended approach for copying multiple pages between Orgs.