Import data from CSV to Ui-Only model


I am working on a page where I would need that the users upload several hundreds of records (using a CSV file) and review the content before saving it to Salesforce.

I assume that I have to use a CSV parser to store the information in a Ui-Only model first and that the import feature is not an option but it would be great if somebody can confirm if this is the best approach based on a previous experience, please.

Many thanks!

Hi Jesus,

That’s certainly one direction you can go. I’ve had success having a user copy/paste their data from the CSV to a UI only Text Area field, then using a javascript library to parse this and create new rows from the data. I’d definitely keep it limited to a few hundred rows though to prevent user timeout issues. 

Many thanks for your comment Craig. I was thinking about using the file upload component to make it a bit simpler for the user but I will have in mind the option you mention in case I find any issue.