Idea: New Component - "App Menu"

I have an idea that I think warrants a new component. It is more or less a redesign of the tab set or wizard component but would feel much different. Picture an iPhone home sceen. You have app buttons. You press an app button and the home screen disappears and the app opens in full screen. If you then hit the home button, the app disappears and the home screen reappears. Now here is the core of my idea. The app that you exited is still in memory like tabs in a tabset when you are on a different tab. So you could filter a table in an app, go to another app, do some things, then come back to the original app and it is still filtered as you left off. You can even start creating a new record, navigate away, then come back and finish the record creation. This is how the tab set component works, but it is in tabset layout. It could be modified so that the first tab is the “home screen” and pressing a button on the tab would open up a different tab. Each secondary tab would have a home button somewhere that would navigate back to the first tab. This would give the user a feel of an “app menu” as the tabs would stay in memory even though they are not visible and the user could jump back and forth between them and pick off where they left off like apps on the iPhone.

Hey Raymond! Cool idea.

I think you can build exactly what you’re talking about with page panels in the mobile builder.

And on a somewhat-related note… I think you’re going to like Brooklyn.

Yes… page panels in mobile builder is exactly what I’m talking about. I guess that would have been easier to explain! Brooklyn has mobile/desktop builder combined, right? Imagine the possibilities!

Indeed! I haven’t actually seen it myself, but that’s the word on the street.

Sweet anticipation, thy name is Brooklyn…