How to render a Global Actions based on profile

On a SKUID page I have a global action (creating/editing a record). I would like to have this global actions buttons to be rendered based on user profile. Can I achieve this by SKUID out of the box? Am I going to end-up using any JavaScript snippets?

Here I am also attaching the screen-shot.

Any HELP is appreciated.

Conditional Rendering will be available on Global Actions and Mass Actions as of the Banzai release. This is the recommended approach.

Thanks Zach.


Just a quick check, If we install this latest release in the existing org where we have couple of developments going on. Is it going to break any of the existing pages? 

In simple, If I install this latest version. Will SKUID still supports earlier versions?


The Banzai release is in beta right now, so we do NOT support installing it into Production organizations yet. No existing pages should break, but please do not install into mission-critical working environments.