How to open all drawer of a table table row on page load

I am trying to open all drawers on page load. I did created a table which have multiple rows and each row has drawer. I want all of them open ob page load. Tried many solution but still not working. Tries to open all of them using below code

$(‘#sk-zBf-1633’).find(‘table:first > tbody’).children(‘.nx-item’).not(‘.nx-item-has-drawer’).click();
$(‘#sk-zBf-1633’).find(‘table:first > tbody’).children(‘.nx-item’).not(‘.nx-item-has-drawer’).find(‘.sk-icon-magic’).click();
None of them is working
The actual XML of this page is as below:



var $ = skuid.$;
$(‘#sk-zBf-1633’).find(‘table:first > tbody’).children(‘.nx-item’).not(‘.nx-item-has-drawer’).click();

thead {

.sk-drawer-handle {

This post can be used as a starting point.

// Run immediately after open/close drawer action to close other drawers.
var args = arguments[0],
    thisID = args.item && args.item.drawers && args.item.drawers[0]._GUID,
    tems = args.list.visibleItems,
    $ = skuid.$;
    drawer = item.drawers && item.drawers[0];
    if (drawer && (drawer._GUID !== thisID) && drawer.isOpen) {

Thank you very much Pat, but as i am very new in Skuid, not sure how to use the code you have shared. Can you please help me out in that.