How do I link to additional Skuid pages from a community homepage

I have a salesforce community using a skuid page as the homepage. When I try to navigate to another skuid page it works for me (moderator) but asks the community member to log into our sales org. How do I correctly create additional pages, and link to them? I’ve tried creating a visual force page but didn’t really understand how I was supposed to link it up.

I think the issue is my page is within our Salesforce instance (EU5) rather than the community page ( but I just can’t figure out how I create the community page and link to skuid.

Ok, I finally figured it out. I added the pages as visual force pages, then added those pages into the site. Finally I added those pages to the community profile. After I did all that I could get the pages to redirect using the following link style:


Now I just need to figure out how to make a URL parameter work in this format, as currently it’s producing an error.

Hi Laura–What kind of URLs are you using right now? Have you checked out our Merge Syntax, particularly the $Param?

Hi Karl,

Thanks for your reply. I don’t actually understand any of that… sorry! Here is the post where I detailed the specific issue:

The actual URL is breaking when I add &ID=xxxxxxx

This works, but shows no content:

This breaks:
as does

Yet it works in Skuid:

I’m guessing there must be a way to tell the visualforce page that the &ID= part of the URL means something… I’m just not sure how?



Also, I’ve tried non capitals too (e.g. id)

you should be able to navigate to any skuid page with this redirect url:


and you can append as many url params as you want, including &id=XXXXX

Hurraayy! It works. I knew it had to be simple. Thank you :smiley: