How can I use an in-line resource to display a Salesforce field value, wrapped in HTML elements?

I’ve tried following the documentation, but I’m a bit stuck. I’d like to create an in-line resorce that displays the field of my choosing. Then, I’d like to wrap it in some div tags so that I can style it with CSS. Can you show me a simple example of how to do this? I have the field already in an existing model, so it should be fairly simple to reference it.

It will probably be easier for you to use a template component to acutally display the field. There you can include the field of your choosing in {{braces}} but also add whatever html and css stylings you want. Its up to you whether you want to include the CSS inline in the template component, or as a resource.

Hey thanks Rob! Let me ask you a few followup questions, because this was meant mainly to increase my understanding of how to use jQuery to call up fields from Skuid. I have a date field I’d like to format as DD/MM/YY instead of DD/MM/YYYY. Can I do this inside the template, sort of like a merge field in Word? I have another field I’d like to divide by 1000 and display the output wrapped in div tags. What would be the best way to approach this?

Custom renderers are going to be your friend. Check out the thread on simple math. With Javascript you will be able to do alot of that parsing and reformating.

Rob, I think your link is broken. Can you send again? Thanks for taking time out of your evening to help!

My appologies - here is the full URL:

Rob - on that link - Glenn’s question (the last question) is also my question. Is it possible to invoke a field render in a template rather than a field?

yh the link is broken

Yup.  Here is the link.

Hi Rob… as a follow up, I have the same issue and used a template to display a html field (email template) but for the life of me I cant get it to actually render the HTML it simply displays the code?

I tried tagging it also…


No joy. Any tips?

Have you tried making the {{HtmlValue}} field a rich text? Override field meta data, make it textarea, then select the checkbox for rich text. 

Thanks Matt … let me try that now. 


Thanks Matt. I had tried using #urlDecode but it seemed to only work some times. Really appreciate it

Glad it worked!