How can I remove / modify object name from table footer ?

I want to remove/change the name of object table. Using inline js i am able to at the time of page rendering and able to update in some scenarios using snippet also. But not able to update all the scenarios. 

Do we have any predefined method from Skuid ? Or do we have any option some thing like we can set/change model display label ? 

Unfortunately, there is not yet a declarative way to do this within Skuid. I’ve changed this post from a “Question” to an “Idea”. Feel free to vote this up to let the devs know how important this is as they consider ideas for a future release.

thankyou :slight_smile:

I’ve come up with some CSS to override table footer text so it doesn’t display the model name.

This may perhaps need some slight tweaking in terms of positioning for your site, but it seems to work:

.nx-list-footer .nx-list-footer-left span { color: transparent; font-size: 0; } .nx-list-footer .nx-list-footer-center { display: block; } .nx-list-footer .nx-list-footer-left::before { content: 'Show '; padding-left: 25px; }