Getting a skuid error during a page include but can't open the error.

I am fairly new to skuid and I am having a problem with my page include. My Skuid page I am creating has to do with Vendor accounts. There is a create and a resume button. They both open a popup that holds a page include. This page that is included is a wizard. When I open up this wizard in the resume I can see in the background that an error comes up. It only happens on the resume because I send the page a query string of which account I want to continue creating. When I close the popup to look at the error it won’t open to show what the error was. I have tested my page and checked all the models and everything seems to work right. Is there some skuid debug log I can access to see this error?

Are you seeing any errors in the console? Have you tried looking there?


If you have an error behind a page include, open the browser console and enter:


You can see the error in the console.

Hat tip to Rob Hatch who posted this here.