Geochart Error in a Community

I’m receiving this error when I try to show a Geochart in a community (Partner template):

Unable to render GeoChart: ZIP resource contained no file at path: maps/us-all.geo.json

When I preview the page in a regular Skuid/Salesforce tab, the Geochart works fine, but when inserted into a community the Geochart does not appear and I receive the error.

On Skuid release 11.1.7

Hi Chelsea, Can you reproduce this on a new page (that only includes only the Geochart and standard salesforce objects and fields)? If yes, could you please paste the XML here? I’d be happy to investigate.

Thanks Luzie! See above for example. 

I tested a Skuid page (containing the Geochart) on a community homepage and I can also see the error in the preview of the builder, however if I open the community through its standard URL, the Geochart appears without any error. Do you get the error only in the builder or also if you open the standard community URL? You can find it in the community administration settings or while you are in the builder through the top left menu icon -> View communityname.

Thanks for the XML. As far as I can see, this issue is not related to your Skuid page, but to the Geochart in general. Please see my reply below.

Yes, strange. It does work when I don’t use the Preview in Builder… Why is that? Is this something that can be fixed on the skuid/geochart side? Thanks!