Filter set component is not working if model has aggregate and model is not queried on page load

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  • Release: Edinburgh
  • Release version: 16.1.6)
  • Platform: Salesforce

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filter set dropdown picklist is not populating if a model has aggregate and a model “Query on page load” is not checked

Not that it’s a true solution to what should just inherently work by itself, but you should be able to run a separate aggregate model/query before this one that returns just the picklist options you’re looking to filter on, 1 per row, and then for your filter select “Pick options and conditions: Manually”, set up a filterable condition on the model to use, and for the filter selectable options select rows from a model and pick the separate aggregate model you set up to use. I’ve done this in a lot of places and it works well, albeit having to go about setting this up in a roundabout way to get it to work.

Hey @rinovejas thanks for reporting. Can you share some more context here?

  • You have a table on an aggregate model, and you have a filter set on that same model. Correct?
  • The model isn’t queried on page load. Is it queried later?

I quickly tried to reproduce on 16.1.6 and wasn’t able. Here’s the page I’m using if you want to take a look and make it more like what you’re doing. I have the model queried on a button.

<skuid__page unsavedchangeswarning="yes" personalizationmode="server" showsidebar="false" showheader="false">
		<model id="NewModelAgg" limit="" query="false" createrowifnonefound="false" datasource="salesforce" sobject="Opportunity" type="aggregate">
				<field id="Id" name="countId" function="COUNT"/>
				<field id="Amount" name="avgAmount" function="AVG"/>
				<condition type="fieldvalue" field="StageName" operator="=" inactive="true" enclosevalueinquotes="true" name="__autofilter__StageName" clientorserver="server" state="filterableoff" value=""/>
			<groupby method="simple">
				<field id="StageName" name="stageName"/>
		<skuid__buttonSet model="NewModelAgg" uniqueid="sk-1kLi-27104">
				<skuid__buttonGroup uniqueId="sk-1kLi-27102">
						<skuid__button label="Query model" uniqueId="sk-1kLi-27103">
								<action type="action-sequence" action-sequence-id="bd87fe9c-c69a-4482-b46b-c29e957ceb87"/>
		<skuid__filterSet model="NewModelAgg" uniqueid="sk-1kKW-20202">
				<skuid__filter uniqueId="sk-1kKX-20672" type="select" conditionSource="auto" filterMethod="server" labelMode="no" conditionField="StageName" conditionName="__autofilter__StageName"/>
			<filtering enableSearch="false" instantSearch="false" instantFilters="true"/>
			<sorting enable="false"/>
		<skuid__table allowColumnFreezing="dragDrop" model="NewModelAgg" uniqueid="sk-1kKP-17269" mode="readonly" showSaveCancel="false">
				<field id="Id" name="countId" label="Count id" uniqueid="fi-1kKP-17829"/>
				<field id="Amount" name="avgAmount" label="Avg amount" horizontalAlignment="right"/>
				<field id="StageName" name="stageName" label="Stage name" uniqueid="fi-1kKP-17830"/>
			<filtering enableSearch="false"/>
			<exportProperties useTableColumns="true"/>
			<sorting enable="false"/>
				<skuid__filter uniqueId="sk-1kKT-18744" type="select" conditionSource="auto" filterMethod="server" labelMode="no" conditionField="StageName" conditionName="__autofilter__StageName"/>
			<actionsequence id="bd87fe9c-c69a-4482-b46b-c29e957ceb87" label="Query model" type="reusable" event-scope="component" event-name="page.rendered">
					<action type="requeryModels" behavior="standard">

@Anna_Wiersema our skuid version is 16.1.4 and it’s not working,I tried it on 16.1.6 and it works, so we just need to upgrade our production instance.

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