File Upload stopped working

I have an Attachments tab on an Account page. Built couple of months back, it has now stopped working. Have rebuilt the tab (Upload File -> Account record, table underneath). It works fine in Preview mode - shows file selection window, but does not when in the main application - does not show file selection window - does nothing.

This was working fine until recently ?

The fact that it works in Preview but not in the main application is a key piece of information.  I’m pretty sure that in your app you are using the skuid:page visualforce component to do your overrides in your app.  A problem with this method is that you need to create a local version of the visualforce page that performs the file upload process. 

See more information on that issue (and how to make the local clone) in this help document:…

Rob, Your explanation doesnt answer the question about why it was working earlier and has stopped working all of a sudden.

Not sure we can answer why it changed.  Reasons could be legion.  Know that we have not made changes to the File Upload component. 

Thanks Rob. That worked. Sorry I cant be more specific about when it stopped working, but the documented solution works perfectly.

I am facing same issue, file upload works in preview but does not work in application.
We are adding file to case detail page. 
Went through…
but still doesnt work.

Any Ideas.


Two possibilities from my history. 

1.  You are using the skuid:page VF component to override your page and you do not have a local clone of the uploadImage vf page.  
2.  You are trying to add a File to a new record that has not yet been saved. 

Thanks for your reply.
But I have all the VF pages as mentioned in the link i.e. uploadImage  export page etc.
My scenario is like I have case object where I am trying to get attachment to each the attachment is like related list for all the case records.

This work if i preview the page and add but not working when I am going from list view page.

Please help.

Would you mind giving us login rights to your org so we can take a look at what is going on?   Here is how: 

1. Use this tutorial to give us login rights:

2. Then send an email to  with the following information: 

- Your org Id 

- The name of the page where the problem is happening 

- The steps required to reproduce the problem.  

We’ll see what’s going on...

HI Rob ,

Thank you so much for your reply. But giving access is not possible as its not personal dev org but the project dev org.
Is it possible for you to share screen with me at some time so that I can show what exactly causing problem.
Please let me know your availability.


Hi Rob

I have given you access in my digital dev(sandbox) org for one week.
Please have look at the skuid pages Marketing_Intelligence_Detail and Marketing_Intelligence_RequestsListView.

Please let us know your inputs on the same.