File upload on public site not showing?

I have a site page that we’ve been working on and we’re using the File Upload component to upload files to a custom object. The component displays and operates properly when logged in as a Salesforce user, but when viewing the page from the public site the File Upload component doesn’t display. This is happening in 2 separate places on the page involving file uploads, so it’s not specific to the one component.

Are file uploads restricted for public users? Is this a permission setting somewhere in Salesforce I need to enable? Why isn’t the file upload component displaying? The Public Access user has full permission to the object I’m trying to do the upload to. Is there a different setting somewhere I need to update?

Any answers on this would be very helpful. Thanks!

SKUID API v1, version 12.1.7

Hi Mark,

It sounds like you may be running into a security change that Salesforce rolled out with regards to guest users. Can you take a look at this thread, and follow up there if you have a question?

Specifically for scenarios where this change impacts functionality using file uploads, here’s a bit of info that’s relevant:

Salesforce’s change also impacts Skuid’s File Upload component for site guest users. The Skuid Product Engineering team is working on a product change to restore the ability for Guest Users to use Skuid’s File Upload component to upload attachments to records. This change will be available in 11.2.30 and 12.2.14. 

Good to know,

Thank you!