File upload component File Name is not setting in community

I have a file upload component where I set the file name to be “FileA”. The new files are named correctly for internal users but files are not being renamed for community users. The user can manually rename uploaded files, so it’s not a permission issue.
Any ideas why the feature does not work in a Salesforce community (aka Digital Experience)?
I’m on version 16.0.9.

In Lightning contexts we are forced to use the Lightning File Upload component rather than our own. (because of lightning security and other shenaigans). This file upload component does not support changing the file name on upload right now. This got reported to me in another conversation yesterday. RIght now I don’t know if there is anything you can do about it. In some other contexts you could run the Skuid page in VisualForce and add the VF component to the lightning experience - but I don’t think that is possible in Dig Exp…

Thanks for reporting this - we’ll keep looking at it.