FFAM Condition - no value behavior not working

Two models, Basic and ChildAgg; ChildAgg is an aggregate model on an object with a master/child relationship to Basic.

I have a FFAM condition on the master/child field on ChildAgg2 which looks for the Id of any row in Basic.
I have another condition with Id=null, with condition grouping logic 1 OR 2, so that I can do this: https://community.skuid.com/t/no-value-behavior
The no value behavior for the FFAM condition is accordingly set to ‘deactivate’.

I have a model action on Basic which queries ChildAgg every time Basic is querried.

When Basic returns rows, and then subsequently is updated to not return rows, the FFAM condition on ChildAgg is not deactivated upon its subsequent query.

What’s up with that?

I know there were some changes to FFAM conditions with Rockaway. Is Ben’s workaround also broken?