Error occurred while loading a Visualforce page


Today I noticed the following error message when viewing a page (using a visualforce page component) in a community page:

Error: Error occurred while loading a Visualforce page. 

It worked fine on last week and no changes have been performed from my side. Could it be linked to the patch released by Salesforce to fix the ‘Issue with using the Skuid component in Lightning App Builder Pages’?

Many thanks,

Me too

Yes it looks like Skuid completely fails to load within a community or site. Even skuid’s own site:

Same here: My community users receive the error message in the attached image:

Console error:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined
    at contentscript.js:28
clicking on contentscript.js:28 gets you:

if (instance.split('--').length == 3 || instance.endsWith('--c')) 

Hi all, can you tell us what version of Skuid you are running?

11.2.9 for us.  Your page is also affected.

11.2.12 for us.

11.1.11 for us

12.0.11 and 12.0.8 are both affected

11.2.6 is another for us.

Hi all, please see our announcement about this problem and leave a comment here with the requested details about your environment:

11.2.9 on sites pages.

When previewing as an administrator, it shows the following message:

  • Unable to retrieve value INVALID_TYPE: sObject type ‘PackageBooleanValue’ is not supported.


I have a developer org. with 12.0.11 that is affected.

I have also checked on a Customer who has 10.0.10 installed.  They ARE NOT affected by this issue.