Error inserting row into SQL server over Odata connection

Hi guys,

I’m on the home stretch for a fairly large cross connection project I’ve been working on between SQL server, Odata and SF.

I’ve setup an OData connection using This connection works perfectly when pulling data into a model in SKUID and SF.

PROBLEM: I can’t save a new row back into SQL server using ODATA because of the following error:

‘There was an error connecting to the proxy.’

Any ideas?

Are you using a Skuid OData Model to access this data, or are you using Lightning Connect / External Objects?

Hi Zach,

I’m using Skuid Odata Model Connector ‘OData1-3’ to access the data from SQL Server.

It’s very strange in that I can query and filter the content without any issues but can not insert.

If anyone has suggestions I’d really appreciate your feedback.

Thank You.

- Dave (

Thanks Dave. To debug this further we would need to either have you Grant Login Access to your org so that we can recreate the issue on our own and review debug logs, or we could do a GoToMeeting with you to review further. Are you using any form of authentication to connect to the SQL Server instance? If so we would probably need to do a GoToMeeting.

Hi Zach,

Thanks for taking the time to write back. I’ve been hard at work optimising our skuid pages and learning as much as I can. I decided to put the odata export into SQL on ice…until now.

I’m receiving a different error now. See below.

I have my Odata connection setup on azure web servers which is the same used in your tutorial at…

Have you run into this error before? Any ideas?

If I can figure this out then Skuid will once again prove to be all-mighty-and-powerful !