Edit Page error

I’m getting the following error when I try to edit one of my skuid pages:

The configuration of your org has changed, please reload the page. Missing dependent object: Field: Task.IsHighPriority 

Any ideas? Other pages work fine and the problem page loads in my org just fine. I get this error and am unable to modify the page when I click on it. No changes to the org have been made to my knowledge.

Usually means that a field has changed or been deleted.  Check Setup and see if Task.IsHighPriority still exist.  You may have to edit the page in the XML editor to fix it if it won’t load in the composer which is weird.

I don’t have a way to get into the XML editor. The really weird thing is there was never a Task.isHighPriority field. Below is a screenshot of what I see.

Solved. I upgraded to the latest version of Skuid (was a few updates back) and it fixed the issue.

Glad to hear this