Edinburgh Update 1 is here!

The first update to our Edinburgh release is here! With this iteration, we’re continuing to improve features that help users build easy-to-navigate applications. Try out the new features today.

Happy building!

New in Edinburgh Update 1

New label properties for Forms — including a right-aligned label for checkboxes and a ‘no label’ option for all field types

The full list of enhancements and fixes can be found at Get the Latest Skuid Releases & Everything That Came Before.

Skuid NLX (Next level experience)

  • Enhancements to custom domains (beta)
  • Streamlined SSO setup
  • skuid CLI improvements including --since and --ignore-skuid-db

Skuid NLX Release Notes

Skuid SFX (Salesforce experience)

  • Updated to Salesforce API v57 including access to Net Zero objects
  • Updated compatibility for Lightning Web Security

Skuid SFX Edinburgh Update 1 Release Notes

Instructions and best practices for upgrading can be found at Upgrading Skuid SFX.

Feature Retirements (NLX and SFX)

Other Notable Changes (NLX and SFX)
Streamlined component properties as seen in this post

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