Drawer not loading Field Editor but does load a bound template field

I’ve got a drawer bound to a table and I followed the “Add Nested Rows” tutorial to configure the drawer.  I can add a template and bind the fields in that template to the child model and it will display the right data for the row, but I don’t get any results when I try to do bind a Field Editor to the same model (if I set the Context - if I don’t set the Context, I always get the first row from the detail model in my Field Editor).

I have no idea what to try - should this work?

Hmmm … drawers can be tricky at time. Make sure you’ve each of the following.

  1. Included the Id field in the Parent Model used for the table.
  2. Included the Lookup/Master-Detail field in the child model used in the drawer components.
  3. Set the Before Load actions for the drawer to activate and set followed by Query get more.
  4. Set the Context on the Drawer components.

Thanks Pat.  Confirmed all those and in fact got it to work fine for displaying a value in the drawer but not for using the Field Editor.

Sent you an invite on Google Hangouts.


Were you and Pat able to figure it out?