Does skuid have a release cycle/schedule?


I haven’t been able to find it, if this info exists I would appreciate link to it.

I notice that Skuid tends to release maintenance changes every 2 weeks, on Tuesday/Wednesday (GMT timezone) usually. Though, is there something more official? And, maybe for other release types as well?

It would be helpful if there was. We would like to run through some in houses tests before we update to a newer release. For example, if we were planning to push changes to production on Wednesday but few hours ago (or a day ago) a new release was released, so now we can only upgrade production to newest one.

Or. I don’t know what restrictions SF places on exchange apps, but making the last few maintenance packages install-able instead of one.

Thank you,

Hi @lukaspovilonis I know it’s been awhile since you posted this but I was going through old posts and it would be good to finally answer this one and share some resources.

You’re right on that maintenance releases are every 2 weeks on Tuesdays (US time, sometimes Wednesday GMT). Occasionally these are postponed (for example, around holidays).

If you ever are in that case when you tested one Skuid version and before you can deploy another is released, you can reach out to your AE or customer success manager to get the link to the version you tested.

Here’s an answer from our new Skuid Skool course on upgrading :grin: This is from the section Plan your Upgrade: Timeline.

Feature Releases

Each year, Skuid has four feature releases, one per quarter. There is one major release in Q1. Throughout the rest of the year, Skuid releases updates to this release that also contain new features.

Skuid provides update releases containing new features, typically one per quarter.

Maintenance Releases

Every two weeks, Skuid releases maintenance releases, also called “patches.” These patch releases contain fixes for any issues encountered after the feature release. As such, maintenance releases don’t contain new features or breaking changes. They help make sure your new upgrade is working properly.

from Skuid Skool: Upgrade Skuid SFX

This course also includes a sample upgrading schedule that you can tailor to fit your needs.