Deal ID Pulling in Random Unassociated Text

I have a pop up that has two tables, one running of the leads object and one of off the opportunities object.  When opening the pop-up, the Deal ID (for the opportunity) is pre-populated with text that looks like this sk-3Kq_Jt-4270.  Every time the popup is reopened, everything after the sk- changes.  Where is the ID coming from, as it is not the opportunity object id?

Hi David. That ID# looks like a temporary ID# from Skuid for a new record. Perhaps the model associated with this table is set up to have a ‘default’ row? Or perhaps your popup action is adding a row to the model?

David, if you need to have the Deal ID visible in your Skuid Page, then I would add Conditional Rendering to the field to hide it for unsaved / new row, which only have “temporary” Ids because they are not saved to the database yet. Or, if the Deal ID field does not need to be visible on the page, you could remove it. But I would not show the Deal ID until a row is saved.