Date picker issue (9.5.4)

Date pickers within a popup are not rendering correctly. The date picker is below the popup.

Have you updated your themes?

Paul, I’ve tried but haven’t been able to reproduce the issue you’re describing yet. Stephen’s suggestion is the best starting point. If that doesn’t clear up the issue, would you be able to describe more about your page, or sharing a screenshot so we can see its environment (components, page includes, master pages, etc.)?

I had previously updated the themes to no avail, I am using the popup in the page include section of our master page, in the image below I have dragged the bottom of the popup to show the date picker behind.

I have been unable to reproduce the error using standard objects in 9.5.4 with a page include in a master page having a date selector.

I’m sorry. I was hoping to be able to see it quickly and easily.

A few questions for you:

When you say you previously updated the themes to no avail, do you mean that the update didn’t work or that the update worked but didn’t resolve the issue?

What browser are you using? Windows or Mac?

I have multiple repro pages that I could provide the XML for. However, it is multiple pages. However, you’d have to rename it and all that jazz. It would likely be easier for you to recreate a basic page trying to reproduce the issue with as simple a page as possible and then see if it fails.