Data from new field not available on published page

I just created a new field to display information on my page.  Then I populated that field with information.  I added the field to the model, and added it to a component on the page.  If I view it in preview mode it works, but if I save it and view it on the published page, it does not work.  I can’t figure out why there would be a difference.  There are many previously existing fields on this page that load fine.  I can also update the record with the new information in other fields, and that data changes, so I know I am updating the correct record and have the correct URL.  I also used Javascript to output the model to the console with the fields and their data, and again it works perfectly in the preview url, but not the public one.  Why won’t the data from the new field appear on the published page?

I figured out what the problem was.  Under sites in the settings I had to edit the permissions for the new field.  To do this, you click on the name of the site, then “Public Access Settings” and edit the permissions from there for the new field.

Thanks for sharing your solution, that’s always helpful for other community users :slight_smile:

We are running into the same issue in sandbox. I have resolved this a number of times in Production. First time I have run across this in Sandbox. Are there any special tricks for Sandbox?