Custom reference field renderer

I’m looking to custom render a lookup field so that I can add an option before all choices if there is no match. Using input.autocomplete({source:…, select:…}) and source function seems to work partially. Can you provide a simple example to show like an array of static values in the custom renderer for a lookup field? Simple value and label pair do not seem to display the dropdown values properly. Thanks!

Hi Jili,

Have you already tried the steps in this documentation:  ?
Search for function : PICKLIST() , this should be the part you need for this. 

I hope this helps,


You can add all of the values to the source like this:
label: “”,
value: “”

You can also add custom fields on here if you need more information:
label: “The human readable version”,
value: “12346”,
parentId: “12345”,
favoriteColor: “literally anything”,
sourceObj: {
name: “The human readable version”
id: “12346”,
parentid: “12345”,
fav_color: “literally anything”

I was hopeful for a sec. Label/value pair does not work for lookup field though. Thanks.

You can extend the select function for autocomplete to assign the ID