Create a folder in sharepoint

I’m trying to create a complete Microsoft file storage solution. The skuid data source is way better than the Salesforce files connect for accessibility of data fields. However…

skuid offers One drive and Sharepoint data sources…

One drive let’s me create folders, which I need, but doesn’t allow me to access shared folder libraries.

Sharepoint let’s me access shared libraries, which I need, but doesn’t allow me to create folders.

anyone have a solution for creating folders in sharepoint or accessing shared libraries in OneDrive?

I’ve tried a few times thorugh the years, but never had the time to get the full file storage solution working. I’d love to see how far you are getting.

What kind of Sharepoint implementation are you using?

Do you intend to deploy this solution into Lightning pages? (We’ve found that to be a problem with Sharepoint connectors)

Sorry I don’t have specific good answers for your detailed questions - just a lot of similar and challenging questions. .

I have tried a bunch of things. I have Salesforce Files Connect set up and that works fine, but it is read-only and a limited amount of fields come in the feed. The Skuid data source for Sharepoint is much better. It is frustrating navigating the difference between one drive and sharepoint. They are the same but different. OneDrive API doesn’t seem to allow you to access Shared Libraries.

SharePoint is the most flexible.

I had a tough time getting the Skuid datasource to work. There are two sets of instructions floating around in the documentation. I think they may be dependent on which version of Skuid you use. I couldn’t get it to work for the longest time and almost gave up until I stumbled across a slightly different set of instructions in Skuid documentation. They it worked very smoothly.

Microsoft,is offering a really compelling value with their new licenses and a ton of functionality if you want to take the time to dig in. For $35/Month license, Microsoft E3 comes with a ton of value if you make use of it. One of the things is Power Automate which I am using for a hack.

  • There are many objects you can pull from with the SharePoint Data Source. Thanks for creating it. I found connecting to SP.Shared_x0020_DocumentsItems provides the most functionality. You have access to the most fields and you can edit the name fields and custom fields.

-You can create custom fields in SharePoint and query and edit them in the SKUID data source.

-You can set the file uploader to populate these custom fields too.

You can create a custom sharepoint field “Folder” and populate it from the file uploader and/or add a folder name in a table/field editor or from an update action.

That gets me 80% of the way there.

Then you can use Power Automate to trigger based on new file and have it look for your Folder Field and create a new folder in Sharepoint documents if one doesn’t exist in the directory you choose. You can add an additional action to move the file into that folder.

You can use Power Automate to automatically create a new folder when a record (like a contact) is created in Salesforce. That is hugely helpful.

The only drawback is that it takes about a minute for it to cycle through and execute an automatate Power Automate action.

Something I haven’t tried yet is using Power Automate, you can create a webhook that you can execute from javascript snippet. That would allow you to immediately create another folder.

The OneDrive data source has a datasource action to create a new folder and the SharePoint API defintely allows for create folder so it must be possible.

That is what I have found so far. It works great, but It requires you to pay for a Microsoft license with Power Automate, but it seems as if PowerAutomate when used for Microsoft related action is free with all business and enterprise license levels.

If I could create a folder from an action in SKUID, that would be awesome.

Hope this is helpful!

I have made a less-than-perfect work around using Microsoft power automate, but it would be really great to be able to create folders using the Sharepoint data source or to be able to access shared folders using the one drive data source.

It seems folder creation by API is possible in Sharepoint and it only takes a couple inputs, but I can’t figure out a way that works. From a squid table or field editor. I have a feeling the Sharepoint data source isn’t a high priority, but if you happen to be working in there, adding folder creation support like is available in one drive would be great.