Course content creators club

Is it possible to connect with members and create free and paid content?

We welcome all to participate.

An experienced curriculum developer and designer. Trained and developed collaborative relationships with global learning team members. A positive, enthusiastic, and competent Career Counselor and Content Creator. Educated in a diverse range of skills, qualities, and attributes. Experienced professional at building and maintaining international collaborative relationships. Skilled at leading, coaching, resume preparation, interview, job search strategies and supporting clients using interactive skills with listening, speaking, reading and writing. Trained in the delivery of overall training program administration and ongoing coaching program content to individuals, groups, companies and organizations to continuously improve content creator competencies. Perform administrative tasks to support these activities. Collaborate with individuals, groups, companies and organizations in the development and presentation of course audio, text and video content for growing audiences daily. TYVM

Hi Jack, welcome to the community! Can you share more about what you’re envisioning here - is it a content creators club for Skuid Skool, specifically?

If you have an idea for new Skuid Skool courses, you can share them in this thread, or in a new post in the Ideas category using the skuid-skool tag.

For private suggestions you can email


Skuid Skool and private opportunities.