Could use a little help with Zany login issuse

Have had the weirdest experience with a couple of users. Even though using exactly same profile as other users that are working as expected, 3 users are being redirected to Skuid Pages on login.

Never have seen this before!


AND BTW- hello, it has been a while!

Do those three users have Skuid licenses assigned and the rest do not?

Hi- great to see that avatar again! They all have licenses assigned.
I have tried tried removing licenses and adding them back.
What are your thoughts?

Next best guess is that some users have access to the VF page that redirects to Skuid and some don’t.

That’s interesting. They all are roughly admins. Even if they had access why would it default to actual Skuid_pages?

Are you saying it immediately goes to a Skuid page when when log in to salesforce? Is the salesforce header visible?

It logs in normally and then continues to Skuids App. Can just see tab open then redirects to actual Skuid Pages screen/tab [with a list of all the orgs Skuid Pages]. I will do a screenshot in a little bit.

here is a video showing the effect