Console error "Cannot set property 'totalsuccess' of null" when trying to save

When trying to save changes, the page freezes for about a minute, eventually returning a console error of “Cannot set property ‘totalsuccess’ of null”. I’ve attached screenshots of the error, stack trace and the point of the script where the error is being thrown.

Any ideas? The action the script is trying to perform is updating a single boolean field to true on one of our models.

If I could get a quick answer on this, it’d be much appreciated. Thanks!

Can you post the code of the save action? or you are using the Action Framework action save?

Hey Pablo, yeah I’m just using the Action Framework action save. Let me know if more details would be helpful.

Do you have the last skuid version? (
Try cleaning cache and refreshing the page

Looks like we have 7.20; I’ve tried disabling my cache, but the error persists. Any other ideas or is the only option to try updating the Skuid version?

To provide a few extra details:

  • multiple people in the org have been able to reproduce the error
  • this one single opportunity is the only example of the error we’ve discovered so far, so it seems isolated
Thanks again

If only happens in one opportunity It has to be something regarding the opportunity.

with salesforce standard layouts you can edit that boolean?

Bingo! I updated the standard record and got “The record couldn’t be saved because it failed to trigger a flow…” Thanks Pablo. Gonna look into this further.

Glad to be helpful.

But, is weird, that error should appear as a red band at the top of your skuid page instead of throw a js error (open call to devs xD)

Yeah, that would have been a lot easier to diagnose :slight_smile:

Can you post your script?

You’ve found an uncaught Javascript error. Sorry about that!

We prefer to have errors displayed where can see them. Skuid did not “catch” the error and there were no visual indicators on the page to point out an error. The standard behavior for Javascript errors is the dreaded red band. You knew to look in the console for errors, but, as you can imagine, plenty of people wouldn’t know where to look.

We’ve added this to our bug report and will release the fix as part of a patch (no comment on release date, sorry!).

Thanks for reporting this! Glad Pablo helped identify the root cause of the error.