condition/conditional rendering logic of # THROUGH #

Ever had to type 1 AND 2 AND 3 AND 4 AND 5 AND (6 OR 7)?

Would be great to be to do 1 THROUGH 5 AND (6 OR 7)

Even better would be 1-5 AND (6 OR 7).

Small thing but should be easy to do.


Even better would be some kind of ui-based was to arrange conditions in and/or groupings.

Or simply a better link between the text in the conditional condition logic to the conditions themselves, so that if the conditions are reordered, or one is added/removed, we don’t have to remember to change the text.

This is interesting,  but wouldn’t exactly be easy to do.  We are currently passing the logic statement directly into SOQL.  If we applied some shortcuts we’d have to build some sort of interpreter.  Granted this is feasible,  but its not just as simple as allowing different syntax on the skuid side.  
We have certainly talked about improving the error handling for logic statements,  cuz its super annoying when your condition doesn’t work because of a logic problem…