Changes to Global Picklist Values, not rendering in Skuid UI (but are in Native UI)

I am working on some new picklist values for a field in our sandbox. Suddenly changes to picklist values are not displayed in SKUID, but are displayed in native UI. I’ve tried editing the Skuid page and saving. These are not dependant picklists and the values are assigned to the record type.

We also have that problem.  In a few hours they show up.  The only workaround that works for us right away, is if I completely delete the field, save, and then add the field back.  Then the picklist options show up.

Hi Mark. If you’re changing your picklist values (on the object side), you may need to clear your session data for an existing Skuid page if you want to see those new values right away, since Skuid caches picklist values aggressively. To do this, open your browser’s console and run the command sessonStorage.clear() then reload the page. Or, you can try previewing the page in an incognito/private browser, but in there, session storage will still cache the picklist values after the first time prevewing a Skuid page.