Call a Custom Salesforce Button from a snippet


Can you use a snippet to call custom salesforce button? and iif so what is the syntax? I know you can create a custom link button, but I need to add actions to this button and need more control over it.  For instance, the custom button is on a pop-up and once the user clicks it they are redirected to another page, but the pop-up remains, and I need to close it.

Thanks in advance!

Hmmm … in V1?

If there isn’t a way to do this directly with js you could do this by “hacking” the solution together.

  1. Add a Button Set and Button at the bottom of your page on the SObject that has the SF button.
  2. Add Id's for you to use on both the button set and button.
  3. Set CSS to hide and remove height and width on page so that it essentially doesn't exist to the user.
  4. Set JS to press on the button.


Thank you so much for your quick response. But I am not an advanced Skuid user. I have a popup on my Skuid page that has a button set with the SF button it.

The id of the button set is sk-1rfU-872

The id of the custom button  is sk-1rfU-872.

How do I create the CSS?

And how to I set JS to press the button?

Thanks in advance.