Calendar: Create and manage reoccurring events?

Is there a way to create and manage reoccurring events through the calendar component? The events are on a custom object, not baked-in SFDC events.


Are you building your own events sObject?  Or are using Salesforce Activiites and tying that to custom object? 

If it is the latter - there are some pretty complex items that need to be done in javascript to show the recurrence schedule.   We have actually never gotten it completely working. 

If you are rolling your own events sObject things should be much more straightforward. 

It’s my own custom object.

So… does anyone have an answer on how to create/manage reocurring events in a custom object? Or at least point me in the right direction?


Realized I didn’t actually answer the question… I’m not using Activities.

^ bump.

Really need to know how to create reoccurring events in a custom object, not using Activities.


Thanks Matt. We need a bump every once in a while.  I’ve got a few pending items here…

We’ve not ever built functionality like this in Skuid. It is pretty complete customization. Made easier in Skuid,  but customization nonetheless.  All I can do for  you is sketch out how we’d tackle this.  You may have already done this,  but hopefully some of my thoughts below help.

Since you are rolling your own events object,  you have pretty wide control over how to set up recurring events. 

The key functionality is going to be creating X number of new records that copy data from a master record.  

You will need a definition screen that sets recurrence period (daily, weekly, monthly) and then specific paramters about each one (if daily,  what days… if weekly which day…) These fields probably need to be on another object custom object - or they need to be just defined in javascript (UI only fields) This screen can use conditional rendering to show the right fields based on recurrence period. 

Once this is set up - you will need to run some javascript that creates the new records.  I don’t think the action framework will be able to do this.  The script just loop through a new record creation action as many times as you defined in the setup. 

1. If you need to be able to modify all reccurences, you will probably need a different data model,  where there is a master detail relationship occurs between the master event and all its recurring children.  In this case much of the data would exist at the master event level - but only the date and time would be repeated in the child object. 

2. The more features you need regarding recurrence,  the more complicated your set up screen and “create repeating” event script will be.  

3. You probably won’t be able to create an indefinite series of recurrences. 

Again - this is certainly not a plug and play solution,  but hopefully it is helpful. 

Do you have any Page Samples of a skuid page you got close to working for Recurring Events using standard activities object?

Jarrod,  I do not.  All we’ve done is look at the standard layouts and mess around with the data model.  Its exposed the issues.  But we haven’t tried to solve them…

thanks, its a tricky setup, have to keep up with the series event id and then editing 1 vs all, plus the data input is not standard with a bunch of picklist like data without a picklist field.

Has anyone gotten a simple repeat task working? It seems pretty straight forward. You choose to repeat the task after close or after due in one field, then choose a recurrence interval in another (number of days). I set them both, but when I close the task, it doesn’t repeat. Seems like it should just jump on the standard salesforce functionality, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

In this case the standard salesforce functionality is anything but… 

Ok… I guess I could accomplish this feat with Skuid Actions, workflows, triggers, or combination, but I was hoping for the easy way out…