Calendar component does not display any events in week view on public site

We’re trying to create a public-facing booking marketing calendar using the calendar component and think we’ve just discovered a show-stopper for us. When you create a simple skuid page with a calendar and event source against any object that you’ve correctly exposed on a public site with the guest site user profile the events show up fine in a month view but are completely missing in the week view.

Sounds strange but we tried different options and can’t figure it. It didn’t matter what object we used, whether it was read-only or not, creating events on the fly, no events showed up in week view but it was all ok in month view. We couldn’t find a work around so we’re a bit stuck and wanted to demo this in a week’s time. After looking at the other reported issues in the community the only one which looked vaguely relevant was a grouping issue but we’re not using any grouping:…

Note that this occurs only when a calendar is exposed on a public site and we have checked object permissions and can see the underlying model has event data to render (i.e. month view works fine). If we use the same page with calendar as an internal Salesforce user everything works fine.

BTW, although we don’t need it, we also tried the day view and it seems to be completely broken (even as an internal user) , only a header displays with a “javascript error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘hasChanged’ of undefined”?

We’re on skuid 6.8.19, and .20 does not appear to have anything related to this issue and we haven’t tried Banzai either. Any help appreciated as we don’t want to have to go back to marketing to say we can’t deliver their calendar as quickly as we promised! :-]

Stephen this is very interesting.  Would you mind granting us Login rights so we can take a look. 

After granting us login rights send an email to with your OrgID,  the SKuid page,  and the URL used for the public site access. 

We’ll take a look. 


Thanks Rob, have done this for you now.

You were right Rob, it was a southern hemisphere problem. You pointed out the timezone issue and I extended the week default hours to show all hours and the events were there at 1am in the morning :wink: Have adjusted the public site user profile to our time zone and it fixes the issue. Yet again your help and support was much appreciated and timely. Thanks!

Thanks for posting the solution to the community so that others who might be struggling can find the way…