Button groups and Button Dropdowns

One thing that is used quite often when I do custom VisualForce development is bootstrap to aid in styling. A feature that is really nice and helpful to conserve space is button groups with dropdowns. Basically I have a row of buttons atop of my record pages and once I get 4-5 buttons it takes up the whole page a lot of the time. Adding button grouping to page titles, wherever buttons can be used would be an extremely beneficial feature.

I’d be interested in this also, especially since the table global actions for example automatically collapse into a dropdown if more than one global action button is added to a table. 

Is there a way to achieve this in superbank?

Thank you!


Button groups.  Ha.  We use them in the builder,  buit we don’t expose them for you to use on your pages everwhere. 

One place we do expose button groups is in Table Global and Mass Actions.  That might satisfy some of your needs.

This is also a perfect place for exploring custom components.  You could incorporate the tools used in visualforce into your skuid pages.  

Hi Rob, Thank you for clarifying! By incorporating the tools used in visualforce, do you mean using bootstrap? Would there be any Skuid related guide in that regard to get me started? Much appreciated as always! Robin

Has anyone successfully implemented this as a custom component?

We would love this also!!  Release the button groups!  :D

Came across another instance where this would have been useful. Does anyone know a way to implement this as a one off?

any word on this?

This is available in Spark.

I couldn’t find it. API 1 or 2? I couldn’t see it in 1. I am sure I am missing it. It has been that week lol. It would be good news. I was just going to write it. :slight_smile:

I just looked at documentation. It is v1 and v2 but it isn’t coming up in the composer …hmm

Yeah I think the documentation is off for v1. 
Forgot to say thanks for answering tho. I know it is an old thread!