Bug with new Theme fonts in Chrome. Skuid 5.0

When using the new Theme Paper or Modern, in Chrome 36.0.1985.125 m, the quality of the font is quite poor. This doesn’t happen in IE or Firefox.

At 100%

At 250%

Thanks for pointing this one out too. Again, I’ll let our developers know.

Interesting, we’re just using Google Web Fonts for those themes.  The font is Open Sans.  If you view the font here, do you get the same issue? https://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Open+Sans

It looks like an issue with Open Sans on Chrome http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21018037/bad-font-rendering-chrome

The fix looks to be coming in Chrome 37.

Thanks for digging on that Ross.  We’re always happy when the problem ends up being in another place… Grin. 

Hi Ross,

Chrome 37, which is out now should make the fonts look better.  However, I did find an issue with Skuid that caused the fonts to get worse in the Summer 14 release.  This has been fixed as of Skuid 5.12 which should be available to install from the skuid releases page in a few days.

This has been fixed as of Skuid 5.12, available from the Skuid releases page: