Brooklyn issue (10.0.4): Model with condition filterable default off returns records when condition

Model “test1”:
query on page load:false
condition: id, =, single value, filterable default off

Model “test2”
customfield: null

set and activate condition id = {{$}}

requery Model “test1”, it returns a record.

requery Model “test1”, it does NOT return a record.

We use model has rows to conditional render section. Now this is broken in Brooklyn.

Can you share the XML of the page that isn’t working? Preferably one with standard objects instead of custom.




Email Type

Phone Type

<br alt=“” name=“” rel=“”

The bottom model should be empty.

Steps: enter values for all 4 fields on the left panel. Click on Continue, which sets the model conditions to Id = null.

SELECT CreatedDate FROM DuplicateRecordSet WHERE Id = null

should return no data. Skuid is returning 2 records.

This issue exists in Millau 11.2.9 too. Can you please investigate? Thanks!

@Stephen Sells

I fixed the issue by using a merge syntax conditional around {{$}}. Is this a known issue and acceptable fix?

Merge Syntax is supported. This is not a known issue but rather looks like a traditional this is how it’s done. Certainly acceptable. If you’re thinking it isn’t, I’ll take a look at your XML with the Merge Syntax conditional added and see.