Big Object Table Issue

I’ve started using Big Objects and found that on the latest version, 11.1.1 that the table doesn’t correctly display rows.

I’ve run a query succesfully that has 15 results though only the first row shows in the table:

Looking at both the number of rows at the bottom and the console using I can see all the data was queried correctly so this appears to be a simple output issue.

Thank you,


Hello Dan,

Thanks for reaching out. At this time, Big Objects are not supported in Skuid. I’ve gone ahead and converted this post into an idea as a result.

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Any update on supporting this?  I can see the results in the in console, just not in the UI.  


One workaround that you can do is to setup an Oauth connection from Skuid to Salesforce.  You could then setup a REST data source to Salesforce.  This should allow you to query the Big Object.