Banzai - copying and pasting xml components with a unique id

Just a quick one, Banzai creates unique ids for certain components (e.g ‘sk-2iJhI9-1165’). If a component is replicated in a page by copying and pasting XML, will it cause problems that more than one component references the same unique id?

If so, is there a particular format that must be used if they need to be manually adjusted?


Skuid… any word on this?

This should not cause any problems because ids only need to be unique for a particular page. They are used in the personalization framework, and personalization data is tied directly to a page Id.


I’m not sure I understand. Perhaps this example will clarify:

Say I want two identical tables on the same page, just pointing to different models. I build one table in the builder ui, then I copy+paste that XML and change the model for the second one. Do I have problems with the unique id, since it now occurs twice times on the same page?

Oh, you’re right, if it’s on the same page, you would have some issues with personalization, the workaround for now would be to just change the unique id to something unique on that page. (Probably just change one character and you’ll be fine)

Does “workaround for now” imply that skuid will be auto-updating unique ids that reoccur in the same page at some point in the (near) future?

Nope, unfortunately nothing planned. If we did a feature where you could copy/paste from the builder, we would take care of this for you though.



I’ve seriously considered spamming the community with repeated requests for copy+paste of components in the builder…

HA!  I think if we put a list of feature ideas out there for vote - this one would be the winner by a mile!