Auto generated conditions disappear

I don’t have time to add details but I’m posting it here in case anyone runs into this issue in the future.

I noticed that my event subscriptions to condition events stopped firing.

What happened was I added a filterset to a basic Salesforce model and later on converted the model to an aggregate model. This removed the auto generated conditions and stopped event subscriptions to that condition from firing (only when attempting to ‘deactivate’ the condition, the ‘activation’ events were detected).

I fixed this by removing the filters I added before, and then adding them back again.

Looking back, the issue must have come from some difference in the filter.

Via the UI, the two filters were identical. However, after examining the XML, the attribute “affectcookies” was set to true on the working filter, while the same attribute was set to false on the broken filter.


Nevermind, that didn’t fix the issue. The event is still not triggering the function subscribed to it. Here are some screenshots.

First I subscribed to all condition change events

Now I preview the condition I’m filtering. It starts off as inactive.

Then I make a change to the filter from empty

to “Test”

Now the console shows that the value has changed (it didn’t show it activate though…)

Indeed, checking the conditions show that it’s turned from inactive to active.

But then when I clear out the value and press apply
Nothing is printed to the console. And then checking the conditions, I can verify that it changed from active to inactive.

What’s going on here?

Unfortunately I had to use setinverval here to watch the condition’s “inactive” property for changes :frowning: (Second option)

This also happens if you manually deselect each value individually from a multiselect dropdown filter as opposed to pressing “uncheck all.”