Authentication Error: unsupported_response_type

Here’s my set up.

I’m unsure if this is a skuid bug or there’s an issue with my authentication setup.

I’m getting an error in the callback.


According to

unsupported_response_type means

The authorization server does not support obtaining an authorization code using this method.

However, the box documentation specifically dictates that the correct response type is code. Which is how I have it set.

Someone on the internet seems to think that this error could be a result of faulty parsing though that seems wrong to me because that contradicts the error description on

Am I missing something obvious?

Either way, it would be nice to get error details on the page itself if possible instead of having to quickly copy and paste the callback url before the window closes.

Hi, i am also facing same issue, were you able to resolve this problem? Providing response_type =‘code’. 
Framework used: Angular 5
(ADFS + Angular 5)
Error: error=unsupported_response_type. The+authorization+server+does+not+support+obtaining+an+authorization+code+using+the+requested+‘response_type’.+The+authorization+server+only+supports+‘code’+as+the+response+type

I was able to fix it, but I don’t remember how :(.