Assigning Record Type with On Click Action

After we updated skuid versions, it stopped letting me assign my record types this way. I put a table on the next page, and it is still showing both values as the record type default. I tried by name and ID, and neither is working. What am I doing wrong?


Hey @aaduddell!

I want to clarify a few things:

  1. You updated from version X to ???
  2. After you updated, they on click action stopped updating the record type default?

Also, can you share how you are executing the record type to see what is happening?


We updated from version to 13.0.17 to Chicago 14.4.2. And yes we started having the issue of things not rendering and the record type not changing from the default after we updated. I am rendering a wizard based on the record type, but it is not rendering because the record type isn’t sticking when assigned.

Thanks for sharing, @aaduddell.

Can you share with me a snippet of your on-click action so I can see how it’s being used as well as a snippet of your action snippet?